GrabHisArm Movement

Welcome To The GrabHisArm Movement.
What Is The GrabHisArm Movement? The GrabHisArm Movement Was Started In April Of 2021. There Was A Bad TikTok Trend That Was Going Around And It Was Putting Women In Danger. I Decided To Take A Stand And Help Anyone that I Could. This Is How GrabHisArm Works, If You Are In Danger And In Public, Go Up To A Man Or Woman, As You Are Grabbing Their Arm, Let Them Know You Are In Danger. Once You Do That They Are Going To Make Sure You Stay Safe While You Call 911 And Get The Cops There. 95 Percent Of humans Will Protect You! The Other 5 Percent Don't Have A Heart Or Don't care So Make Sure You Use Your Best Judgement. Do Not Get Into A Persons Car Or Go To Their Home. Always Use Common Sense. We Are Doing Our Best To Help Make This World A Safer Place For Everyone. 

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